Hawaiian Chicken on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Hawaiian Chicken on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

Hawaiian Chicken on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk review: This has got to be one of the Ocean City boardwalk’s best kept secrets. Fresh ingredients, friendly service, reasonable prices, and delicious food with indoor and outdoor (under umbrellas) seating!  Just remember, it’s a cash-only establishment.

I had the Hawaiian Chicken plate, and along with a soda, it totaled just about $12.  It seems a little high, but the plate was as filling as it gets – a grilled chicken breast pounded thin and grilled, a generous helping of rice, and a salad.  Not just a small salad – you know, a few pieces of lettuce thrown on the plate with a tomato or two.  No, this was a moderately sized salad that although a little heavy on the onions, the sweet salad dressing on it made up for it.  The sticky rice was ample – not too much but certainly enough not to fill you up completely.  The chicken was grilled perfectly and moist, but the real winner was the homemade sauce that went with it.  The sauce was addicting – sweet and a little salty, but just done perfectly and not overwhelming by any means – and if it wasn’t bad table manners to do so, I would have licked the plate clean.  (OK, so I did think about licking the plate, but once you try it, you will know what I mean!)

With Hawaiian chicken ordered, we sat outside under an umbrella to beat the summer heat and in within minutes (since the chicken breast is pounded thin), Hawaiian Chicken on table and making its way to my belly.  Delicious!  For what you get, the price is right.  Just be forewarned that while sitting under one of the umbrellas, it is still somewhat loud since there is a go-kart track next to the Hula Grill.  If you like your meal as much as I did, you can always pick up bottled sauce to take home (and order online so I’m told!)

Can’t wait to go back!!

Source: Yelp!