Mouth Watering BBQ Pulled Pork Ocean City NJ

BBQ Pulled Pork Ocean City NJ

BBQ Pulled Pork Ocean City NJ review: For the most part, eating on the boardwalk is for weekend visitors that don’t mind spending a bit too much for what’s available. That being said, I find myself up there fairly often as when friends from out of town visit, they want to go to the boardwalk. The Hula Grill is one of the best (and most reasonably priced) non pizza places available. They’re in a set back area that’s fairly open, so you’ll never feel as crowded as you would in the promenade. Also, it’s cash only, but there is an ATM inside.

The prices and options vary from cheap sandwiches to more expensive platters, but there is a wide array of everything, so you’ll have a hard time finding someone that won’t be happy with anything on the menu. I generally stick to the ahi sandwich. The quality of the tuna is amazing, and it comes with a sesame mayo on the side that adds a lot of flavor. Their BBQ pulled pork is also extremely mouth watering as they have a great and unique sauce on it. If you want an appetizer to go along with your meal, I suggest the coconut shrimp. They’re not overly sweet, yet they still have a decent amount of coconut flakes on them.

I really can’t say anything bad about this place. Good food on the boardwalk at an affordable price. It’s definitely worth your time.