Authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

Great Hawaiian food is never, ever served dry. The items on your plate should be tender and accompanied by flavorful sauces like authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki. Marinades, drizzles and dips are integral to authentic Hawaiian cooking so be sure not to skimp on the sauces!

Authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

Authentic Hawaiian food is known for its blend of tangy flavors and tropical aromas. This exotic culinary style is cooked to preserve juiciness and slow roasted to blend and release flavors.

Whether you’re hosting or luau or cooking dinner for your family, authentic Hawaiian is the way to go. Pairings of fresh fish and seasoned vegetables can be steamed or grilled together and ready to dip or drizzle with authentic Teriyaki sauce. This is the most popular cooking style of summer, and outdoor grilling calls for lots and lots of sauces!

What is authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce?

Authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce meets all the standards for the best Hawaiian cuisine. It is made from soy, ginger, fresh fruit and sometimes a dash of raw cane sugar. The sweet tangy flavor is also popular in Japanese food. Teriyaki is a Japanese term used to describe meat that has been marinated and then grilled over hot coals. Teriyaki is a common staple used in Asian and Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine.

Not all Teriyaki sauces are authentic and made with only natural ingredients. Read the label to make sure you are getting the island flavor you crave and pure quality that you expect.

Authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

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How to use Hawaiian Teriyaki at home

Stir-fry Flavoring

Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce is the perfect addition to a stir-fry. When the mixture is reduced to the consistency of a thick sauce, you can reuse it as a topping or for dipping. It will be thick, sticky and deliciously flavorful.

Drizzle or Dressing

You can also kick your presentation up a notch and use authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce as a glaze for your finished dish. A quick and creative swirl of richly dark sauce will give your meal an impressive boost. Add a little olive oil to thin out the Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce and you will have the perfect dressing for your Hawaiian salad.

Letting it Soak In

Authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce is also great as a marinade for meat, vegetables, fish or tofu. You can chill your marinating meats overnight for a good absorption of the sauce.

Double Dipping

Don’t forget about the dip! Hawaiian dishes are customarily served with little dishes full of sauces for dipping. If you’re cooking up shish kabobs, grilled veggies or coconut shrimp, pour out a few types of dip and test out the different flavorful combinations.

Cooking Ideas and Recipes

These quick dishes are easy to make and go great with authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce. The ingredients are simple, but they need to be fresh and the sauce has got to be rich in flavor.

Teriyaki Mixed Grill:

For quick meals, keep on hand a bottle of Authentic Hawaiian teriyaki Sauce and a bunch of metal or wood skewers. Use beef, pork, chicken or shrimp together or grill them separately. Cut your meats into 2” cubes. In a plastic storage bag, soak the cubed meat in authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce for at least thirty minutes. While the grill is heating up, skewer the meat along with whatever fresh vegetables you have on hand. Onions and green peppers skewer well and make a flavorful combination. Brush on some more Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce and pop them onto the grill for four or five minutes until the meat is cooked through. Brush on more sauce during and after cooking and serve with sticky rice.

Authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce

Shish Kebabs, Hawaiian-style:

Making shish kebabs is so easy that a child could help you do it. Once you have all the meats, fruits and vegetables prepared, just stack them up and push them onto skewers to be grilled to delicious perfection. To make shish kebabs, Hawaiian-style, gather up a variety of seasoned meats and seafood. Chicken, steak and shrimp make a fantastic surf and turf combo. Pop a piece of fruit or a sliced veggie onto the skewers to space out the meats, and voila!

Here are is a colorful and grill-friendly blend of “kebab-able” fruits and vegetables:

  • fresh pineapple
  • maraschino cherries
  • green onions
  • purple onions
  • red bell pepper
  • green bell pepper

Tangy Stir Fry:

Any combination of the above ingredients will work nicely as a quick stir-fry. Cook over high heat in an oiled wok and serve with rice noodles and Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce. It’s more satisfying to make a quick and fulfilling dinner at home than it is to eat at a fast-food joint. Indulge yourself and treat your family.

Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce Wings:

This is a great choice for game day! Lay your chicken wings out on foil and broil for three or four minutes to crisp up the skins. This will help prevent the wings from falling apart in the crockpot.

Now place the wings in a crockpot and pour authentic Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce over them until 2 inches accumulates in the bottom of the crock. Turn setting to low for four hours.

Remove the wings from crockpot and serve with more Hawaiian Teriyaki sauce on the side. Turn the crock to warm to keep the wings warm and ready for your excited football guests.

Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce Pulled Pork:

This is a great Monday night dinner. Start it early in the morning before work and come home to a mouth-watering aroma and a meal that’s ready to eat.

Buy a lean 3-pound pork shoulder and rub it down with a little garlic and salt. Place the pork in the crockpot and add sliced onions and green peppers to taste. Pour Hawaiian Teriyaki Sauce over the meat until 2 inches accumulates in the bottom of the crock.

Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Remove the lid and use two forks to pull the pork into shreds. Serve on a sandwich bun with a simple side salad. Relax, eat and enjoy it.

No Substitute for Authentic Hawaiian Sauce

Treat yourself to a bit of paradise with well-seasoned meats drizzled with fruity, tangy authentic Hawaiian sauces. You will know it’s the real thing when you get a taste. Open wide and say Aloha to your very own Hawaiian smorgasbord at home!