Authentic Hawaiian Salads

Wishing for a trip to the exotic islands of Hawaii? With the growing popularity of authentic Hawaiian salads and cuisine, you can enjoy the taste of Hawaii any time of year- without the hassle of traveling to the South Pacific!

Start with Authentic Hawaiian Salads

Savory and refreshing authentic Hawaiian salads and luau-worthy cuisine consists of world influences and natural Hawaiian ingredients. Authentic Hawaiian cuisine does not consist strictly of tropical fruit and pulled pork. Do not be fall for just any exotic, tropical-sounding dish. Real Hawaiian food goes beyond a pig on a spit and some pineapples. It’s a multi-cultural fusion of flavors that create a unique and special experience. Fried rice, eggs, fresh fish, marinated steak and chicken, and ripe fruits and vegetables are just pieces of the authentic Hawaiian cuisine puzzle.

Authentic Hawaiian Salad

For an amazing authentic Hawaiian salad and everything that follows, look no further! Local favorites like The Hula Restaurant offer real authentic Hawaiian cuisine on demand. If you’d rather have some fun in the kitchen, you can get started with the right ingredients. Hula sauce is an authentic Hawaiian cuisine experience in a bottle. This is an easy and foolproof way to begin preparing a delectable Hawaiian meal.

Authentic Hawaiian Salad Recipes

With the rise of popularity of authentic Hawaiian salads and meals, recipes are not hard to come by. However, finding recipes that truly are authentic to capture the vibes of Hawaii may be a little more difficult to decipher. Whether you’re recreating your honeymoon or giving your family a Hawaiian-inspired staycation, creating authentic Hawaiian dishes in your kitchen is a challenge worth taking!

Our proprietary secret recipes at Hula Restaurant are almost never shared, but you can get the flavor right by using our signature line of sauces. We also rounded up some decent recipes to share for those who want to try their hand at cooking like an authentic Hawaiian chef!

Here are some yummy starter dishes to get your tummy rumbling:

  • Authentic Hawaiian Potato Salad– The popularity of authentic Hawaiian potato salad incorporates a staple for much of the mainland, while still keeping true to the Hawaiian spirit. This recipe is an easy starter recipe. It features two kinds of potatoes, eggs, a lot of seasoning and a delicious dressing to marry all the ingredients together. Try your hand at making this authentic Hawaiian salad for your family and friends, to compliment your lunch platter.
  • Macaroni Salad– Hawaiian-Style– This is another authentic Hawaiian salad worth whipping up yourself, if you have the courage to try! Authentic Hawaiian macaroni salad utilizes fresh ingredients that are readily available. This macaroni salad is a simple recipe- an American favorite with a Hawaiian twist! A unique feature of authentic Hawaiian macaroni salad is how the onions of the dish are prepared. Rather than diced or minced, it is imperative that the onions are grated.
  • Hawaiian Sesame Cabbage salad– This authentic Hawaiian salad may call for a few more culinary skills. Much like many of the other authentic Hawaiian cuisine, this recipe incorporates the influences of other cultures who have played a part in creating the unique culinary environment of Hawaii. This authentic Hawaiian salad calls for a bit of the Asian influence. This recipe would show off a true knowledge and love for authentic Hawaiian salads and cuisine and would be the perfect addition to your personal luau.
  • Poke salad– When most people think of authentic Hawaiian salads and cuisine, they most likely think of pineapple and fish! This authentic Hawaiian salad calls for the use of fish. This recipe is fairly simple however, most people feel a little intimidated about preparing raw fish. This recipe will help you overcome that fear to create an amazing authentic Hawaiian salad for a date night or for a family luau. The most important ingredient is yellow tail tuna. It is important that your tuna is sashimi grade. This vital ingredient along with soy sauce, sesame seeds and few other simple ingredients will create an amazing authentic Hawaiian salad that will help transport you to Hawaii via your taste buds.
  • Lomi Lomi Salmon– The amazing thing about authentic Hawaiian cuisine is how different cultures meld together to create versatile and delicious food. A Lomi Lomi Salmon salad is a great example. This recipe utilizes fresh salmon along with the surprising use of Tabasco sauce. Once again, this authentic Hawaiian salad recipe may stretch your culinary abilities but never fear- the recipe will guide you through. This recipe calls for you to cure the fresh salmon in a cozy bed of sea salt. Once cured overnight, you’ll mix the lovely salmon with other ingredients to create the perfect fresh salad.

Growing Demand for Authentic Hawaiian Food

In the minds of those on the Mainland, Hawaii has always been viewed as an exotic destination. For many, the idea of taking a vacation to experience real authentic Hawaiian cuisine is a wish, and maybe a once in a lifetime experience… but not anymore! Thanks to shared recipes and the availability of authentic Hawaiian sauces and fresh ingredients, these authentic Hawaiian salads and tropical dishes are at our fingertips.

Authentic Hawaiian Salads

A great resource for the introduction of authentic Hawaiian cuisine the Food Network’s hit show, “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” Guy Fieri has toured many of the amazing local joints in Hawaii and introduced us to all that Hawaiian chefs have to offer. With the many authentic Hawaiian dishes that have been featured on this show and others like it, a desire to discover and experience authentic Hawaiian food is growing.

Experience the Real Hawaiian Flavor

Authentic Hawaiian salads and cuisine are within your reach, no matter where you live! Come and enjoy dishes prepared by our Hawaiian-trained chef or create your own masterpieces at home. Just make sure you achieve the real Hawaiian flavor- and it’s never been easier, thanks to our bottled Hula Sauces.