Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine for the rest of America

Time spent on the Hawaiian Islands leaves lasting impressions on visitors. Relive old memories, or imagine a trip that you’ve never taken. Authentic Hawaiian cuisine will take you on a mental vacation as you savor the flavors of the tropics. Visitors and residents in Ocean City New Jersey can enjoy authentic Hawaiian cuisine as if they were visiting the Hawaiian islands.

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Five Hawaiian Restaurants Serving Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine

You might have had the pleasure of dining at one of these top-rated restaurants in Hawaii. If so, you probably wish you were there right now. Here are five famous restaurants in Hawaii:

  1. Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion is an island favorite located at several locations throughout the Islands. If you dined at Roy’s while in Hawaii, then you know that fusion style Hawaiian cuisine is highly addictive! Hawaiian cuisine has developed over the centuries from the influence of Asian, European and even American cultures. The fusion of these foods and flavors has evolved into what is now considered authentic Hawaiian Cuisine. Roy’s sources fresh ingredients and locally caught seafood, and it’s all about the taste.
  2. Alan Wong’s Restaurant is considered by some to be the best restaurant in Hawaii. True or not, it is highly rated and has a loyal following. Located on the third floor of an office building on King Street in Honolulu, Alan Wong’s restaurant offers marvelous ambiance with colorful food. The cuisine is authentic Hawaiian with a contemporary flair. Chef Alan Wong is a James Beard award-winning chef and his restaurant is consistently rated at five stars.
  3. Hula Grill Waikiki serves authentic local cuisine Oceanside at the Outrigger Resort. This multiple award-winning restaurant is highly rated by diners for inspired presentations of authentic Hawaiian food. Fresh from the farm daily vegetables, freshly caught seafood and prime cuts of meat beautifully are stacked with fine seasonings and sauces to a perfect blend of flavors. Meals are served in their pleasant dining room and at the outdoor dining area, with Pacific Ocean views and sea breezes.
  4. Da Poke Shack in Kailua-Kona, HI is an original that has made an authentic Hawaiian meal, the poke bowl, popular. (Poke means “to cut” and is pronounced Po Kah). As with all the best Hawaiian cuisine, the emphasis is on locally sourced and supremely fresh foods. Da Poke Shack is listed at #1 on Yelp’s top 100 places to eat. A poke bowl begins with a layer of hot rice that is topped with fresh raw or cooked cubed fish. You can add fresh veggies and sauces or something else from the buffet of fresh choices.
  5. Lahaina Grill on Maui has been voted best restaurant on Maui for the last 24 years. One reviewer declared it a beautiful bistro displaying beautiful artwork for beautiful people dining on beautiful food. Located in the historic district the restaurant seats 130 people. Make your dinner reservations when you reserve your plane and hotel, because it gets booked up fast.

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Five Mainland Restaurants Serving Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine

If you can’t be in the Islands explore the best regional sources for an authentic Hawaiian fix.

  1. The Poke Bowl is a counter-style restaurant in Philadelphia, PA, offering a unique spin on the poke bowl. You can make your own with a scoop of rice or kale and three or more fish choices. Add your choice of toppings and sauces. Reviews are four and five stars for this healthy Hawaiian inspired cuisine. Expect to see more of these types of restaurants popping up around the country.
  2. PokeOno in Ardmore, PA is the locals’ top choice for authentic Hawaiian cuisine. They serve poke bowls created from locally sourced fish and produce. Patrons are gravitating to this clean and healthy way of eating. PokeOno has many five star ratings on Yelp including one who liked the food, music, lighting and seating so much he planned to return the very next day.
  3. Onomea in Brooklyn, NY might be counted among the new wave of authentic Hawaiian Cuisine to capture the taste buds of mainland diners. Since authentic Hawaiian cuisine is a fusion of Asian, European and American foods, the influences have continued for decades. For instance, Spam was introduced by soldiers during World War Two and is now a favorite among Hawaiians. It is on the menu of Onomea along with eggs and burgers, Hawaiian-style. Onomea is receiving four and five star reviews.
  4. Roys Restaurant in Baltimore, MD is another great place to enjoy fine authentic Hawaiian Cuisine. Roy’s Szechuan Spiced Pork Ribs or Blackened Ahi glazed in Mongolian Sauce taste just as delightful as they do in Hawaii. The emphasis is on using fresh, locally grown produce and freshly caught seafood to create healthy and flavorful menu options.
  5. The Hula Restaurant and Sauce Co. in Ocean City, NJ sits along the Atlantic instead of the Pacific. Besides the difference in location, you’d be hard-pressed to find any difference in the food, culture, and atmosphere of this restaurant on the boardwalk. Fresh authentic Hawaiian cuisine is served inside or outside. The surfing décor, sauce displays, happy waitresses, and laid-back chef all work together to make this Hawaiian restaurant feel authentic.

Hula Restaurant is the local Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine HQ

The multiple award-winning Hula Restaurant and Sauce Co. is famous for its authenticity, fresh flavor and delicious sauces.

Founder and head chef David Rihl brought his skills and recipes from Oahu home to New Jersey back in 2000. Dave was trained in Hawaii and gained experience on the island before moving his family to the Mainland. Chef Rihl brought with him the traditions, lifestyle, and a solid understanding of authentic Hawaiian flavor. His belief is that great Hawaiian food is never, ever served dry.

Hula Restaurant and Sauce Co.’s flavorful line of sauces, dips, drizzles and marinades lend authenticity to true Hawaiian cooking. Not only can you enjoy these flavors at the Hula Restaurant, but you can also bring them home with you. The Hula Sauce line is sold in the store and you can also buy Hula Sauces online.

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Hula Restaurant is the local Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine

When you can’t get away to Hawaii, treat yourself to authentic Hawaiian cuisine at some of the finest restaurants on the mainland. If it’s too cold to go out, say Aloha to your kitchen and make your own poke bowl, flavored up island-style with sauces from Hula Restaurant and Sauces.